16 Types of Women’s Pants (Epic List)

In western culture, pants are a relatively new part of the female wardrobe. It wasn’t so long ago that a woman could get a great deal of negative attention just for daring to wear pants. But today, women have a huge variety of styles to choose from. That’s thanks in part to some of the women who broke barriers by wearing pants and the designers who created them in the first place.

Unisex pants (women and men)

  • Hiking pants
    Bush pants are loose-fitting and have a straight leg style. These pants have two large pockets, one on the front of each thigh, though in some designs they may also have additional pockets elsewhere.

    According to StyleCheer, bush pants are also called safari pants.

    2. 16 Types of Women fashion scene, they’ve never left.


    Sonja de Lennart designed the first pair of capri pants in 1948. According to High Heels Society, she named them after her favorite vacation spot: Capri, Italy.

    Capri pants became mainstream in the 1950s thanks to stars like Mary Tyler Moore, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn, among others.


    Capri pants, also called clam diggers, are close-fitting from the waist to the mid-calf. This means that they are great for warmer weather and because they come in different designs and styles, you can easily choose a pair that goes great with your curves.

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    Cropped pants, also known as cropped trousers, are slightly shorter capri pants that end just below the knee or slightly lower, at the upper calf, according to WiseGeek.

    Toreador pants, worn by matadors, are a variation of capri pants that are very close-fitting. Toreador pants are typically made of silk or satin and highly embellished with embroidery and decoration.

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    4. Disco fashion terms, true disco pants are something else entirely….and confusingly, they were invented in the 2010s, not the 1970s.


    True disco pants sprang onto the fashion scene in the 2000s, though they weren’t exactly a new pants style. Disco pants are really a variation of leggings. They’re skin-tight pants with a high waist that closely hug the body all the way down past the ankles.

    Also…they’re usually made with shiny fabric. Black is seen often but disco pants are also available in a wide range of bright and metallic shades. Presumably, this style is called disco pants because they look like something that should have been worn a lot in the 1970s…though polyester bell bottoms were still much more popular on both men and women at that time.

    5. High-Rise fashion scene, according to the New Yorker. It’s a look that cinches the waist, helps flatten the lower tummy, and puts the rear on loving display. What’s not to like about that?

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    6. Hip Huggers

    Hip hugger pants, also called low-rise pants or just hip huggers, have been a hot look for decades and all indicators suggest that they aren’t going away anytime soon. So yes, you have to keep on doing your ab exercises!


    Hip huggers became a hot look for women in the 1960s when fashion was becoming more liberated. They’ve never faded from popular style and they’re always a hot look in pants of all types.


    Often, hip hugger pants are styled with a wide or flared leg opening. They’re made to fit around the hips, not the waist, and generally sit several inches below the navel, according to the 

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    fashion of the day. Fast forward about 600 years to the 1960s, and leggings became a trendy garment in women’s fashion.

    fashion garment. fashion scene.




    Churidar leggings are an Indian version of leggings. Traditionally, this style is a little more loose-fitting than modern leggings.

    Jeggings is a combination word rooted in “jeans” and “leggings.” As patrons started to realize the miracle that was the combination of figure-hugging jeans and stretch denim, the denim started to become stretchier and stretchier until there became practically no difference between the more dramatically Lycra-spandex pants we wear for workouts and yoga and our “street clothes.”

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    A staple in women’s wear, palazzo pants played a role in feminism. Once cutting-edge and rather eyebrow-raising, these pants are now considered a classic look.


    Early fashionistas first wore palazzo pants in the 1930s. Women like Coco Chanel induced gasps by strutting around in pants, a practice that was met with much resistance. Some restaurants and places of business banned women who wore pants.

    But no one could stop the trend from catching on in the 1960s when feminism skyrocketed to public consciousness and women began to change everything about fashion…and the status quo.


    Also known as wide leg pants, palazzo pants fit around the waist and then flair out at the legs. Early palazzo styles flared out from the knee downward. In modern styles, palazzo pants may flare from the hip down and the wide legs may be extremely wide. After all, fashion is all about playing with style and challenging the norms. Palazzo pants have been doing that for decades.

    These pants are usually very loose-fitting. Usually made out of wrinkle-free fabric, palazzos go great with both trendy blouses and tank tops, making them a great go-to clothing item that every woman should have in her closet. The main characteristic that makes palazzo pants different is the fact that the legs are very wide and the pants themselves are very loose.

    If you go to a professional fashion show, you will likely see a lot of these types of pants on the runway, in part because they come in such a wide selection of fabrics, prints, designs, and of course, colors. When it comes to finding the right pair of palazzos, the sky is the limit so regardless of your personal preferences and tastes, you are all but guaranteed to find something you love.

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    Like many iconic fashions, pedal pushers began as a practical garment. But these pants were embraced by style mavens and soon became an iconic look that’s still worn today.


    Pedal pushers became popular in the 1950s, around the same time as capri pants. Like capris, pedal pushers end at mid-calf but they have a much looser fit. They were originally invented to make it easier for women to ride a bicycle. Hence the name, pedal pusher.

    11. Pegged fashion but like all trends, they’ve made a comeback in more recent times. It’s a great way to show off your shoes and a fun throwback to fashion history.


    Pegged pants are loose-fitting pants that are “pegged.” That means you take the bottom of the pants, fold them over and roll them up to about mid-calf. It’s that easy to get a pegged pants look, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    12. Yoga  

16 Types of Women’s Pants (Epic List)

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