April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

April 26, 2019

Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

Your wedding dress and venue are crucial factors – choosing the right dress for the venue makes a bride look like she’s exactly where she belongs. However, the wedding theme doesn’t begin and end with the main ceremony.  There are engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and even post-wedding brunches to think about. NewYorkDress will walk you through your options for these events.

April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

The Engagement Party

The engagement party is all about celebrating the important event with friends and family, so you should be feeling great! Typically, brides wear cream or white dresses that are shorter than the traditionally full-length wedding dress.  Most engagements parties have a cocktail dress code, which requires knee-length or shorter dresses and high heels, but you can choose what to wear if you’re the one deciding on the dress code, location, and theme.

You don’t have to limit yourself to shades of white. Of course, you can wear white and enjoy the attention it brings, but if you’re not the type of bask in the spotlight, you can wear another color or even go with print.

April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

The Bridal Shower

Some women feel anxious about their bridal shower outfit because there seems to be an unspoken rule of what colors and styles to wear. To what extent is a bridal shower a formal event? Again, comfort is most important. Normally, brides wear casual white dresses to showers, and guests wear color. You can go for a cutout, midi-length option or a retro look with bell sleeves, a daring V-neck, and a frilled hemline. If simplicity is golden for you, there are flattering, body-con designs out there.

April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

The Bachelorette Party

Your outfit at the bachelorette or hen party depends on whether it’ll be a daytime or nighttime event. For a casual daytime look, choose charming tailored dresses, like a lace sheath, or an elegant white cocktail dress. If you’re planning a night on the town, you can get more creative. A fitted white lace dress will give you a sweet, charming look. Alternatively, go for one-shoulder asymmetry or short sequined dresses with beadwork and other embellishments.

April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

The Rehearsal Dinner

Maybe you haven’t even thought about what you’ll wear to the rehearsal dinner yet, but this is part of your sacred union like everything else. It’s also one of the most exciting things because you can get really creative with the outfit. You can wear anything you want unless your family or friends are very conservative and you’d risk putting them off.

The rule of thumb: Pick your best casual outfit. According to experts, what you’d wear to a friend’s wedding is decisive to your choice of rehearsal dinner attire. First, assess how formal the event is going to be. Then, choose a dress that’s slightly fancier than what your friends and family will wear. You can’t go wrong with white, as always. Of course, other colors and patterns are not unacceptable. Many future brides opt for light blue or pale pink. If you choose an extravagant red, royal purple, emerald green, or icy blue, you’ll definitely be making a bold statement.

You could also choose the color depending on that of your wedding dress. Are you wearing white, champagne, cream, or blush? Find a fun dress that hints at your wedding dress choice.

As for styles, experimenting is the word of the day. Go ahead and have fun with different styles. A cocktail dress is perfect for a restaurant. A long dress or a short white one is great for a more formal affair. Wear a cool denim jacket over your dress if you’re having a barbecue or something else that’s relaxed and casual. You could even opt for a jumpsuit.

April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

The Post-Wedding Brunch

Last but not least, we have the post-wedding brunch. This is not an occasion to be underestimated because it is the first one in your married life. In essence, your marriage begins with post-wedding brunch.

You don’t need to wear white to it at all. You can opt for a colorful daytime dress if you wore something like that to your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. Whatever it is, it has to make you look as good as you feel after the first wedding night!

An easy, casual dress with flirty ruffles and pretty print creates a sensation of charming femininity. Comfort is of paramount importance after a night of dancing and celebrating. So, a restrictive outfit is the last thing you’ll need. A loose waist is your best friend if you overindulged in sweets, alcohol, or fatty foods the night before.

On a related note, choose chic flats for brunch over high heels. The latter may be part of a classic wedding outfit, but your feet will probably be aching.

You’ll need a big bag to carry your phone, camera, makeup, wallet, and mementos. Some brunch guests might also bring you cards with money or gift cards as wedding presents the day after, which you’ll need to keep in a safe place.

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April 26, 2019 Brides, Here’s What to Wear to Every Bridal Event

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