April 27, 2020 5 Must-Have Dresses in Your Closet

April 27, 2020

5 Must-Have Dresses in Your Closet

What dresses should be in every woman’s closet?

  1.   Little black dress / little white dress
  2.   Midi dress for less formal events
  3.   Sequin dress to grab attention
  4.   Column gown to feel like a queen
  5.   Off-the-shoulder dress for an upbeat, romantic vibe

Red carpet, balls, black-tie dinners, interviews, cocktails, pageants, office parties, first dates, galas, weddings, and proms are all events that require different dress styles. Some dresses are only suitable for very formal occasions, while others will work in a variety of settings.

In every case, it’s best to have a few staples in your closet that you can wear on more than one occasion. For example, you can wear a long black dress or a flashy red ball gown to a formal wedding, but of these two, only the former can be worn more than once.  

Evening dresses run the gamut of haute couture to elegant and ready-to-wear styles. Of course, your choice depends not only on the occasion, but also your comfort and personal preference. Here are 5 must-haves to cover every type of event you can expect to attend.  

April 27, 2020 5 Must-Have Dresses in Your Closet


You are never over- or underdressed in little black dress in the immortal words of Karl Lagerfeld.  Black is the reigning champion of versatile and elegant colors and will always be. You can wear the classic LBD to a semi-formal wedding, a work function, a late-night party, a wedding, even a funeral.

We love little white dresses. They are just as versatile as their black counterparts and look gorgeous all year round. Accessorize your LWD with a teal or navy jacket and comfy knee boots in winter and let it complement your bronze, tanned skin in summer.

These dresses are never out of place at cocktail parties, which tend to be a semi-formal affair. Elegant, slinky versions of the LBD and LWD are popular choices at formal functions. Certain elements that “formalize” them include sparkling rhinestones, asymmetric details, sheer applique, or hand-sewn embroidery.

If the dress code of the event on your calendar specifies “cocktail”, your options are knee-length, tea-length, or mini. Your cocktail dress can expose cleavage, leg, or back, but not all three at once. Choose a dress that brings out your best features and balances your proportions in a flattering way.

2. Midi  

A midi dress is perfect for a job interview, a first date, or as comfortable day to day wear. If he has invited you to meet his parents for the first time, it will work too. Midi dresses are semi-casual and very comfortable. In cool weather, add a jacket and a pair of high heels and you’re good to go.

Daytime midi dresses are usually made of wearable, sturdy fabrics like polyester or cotton. On the other-hand, more formal midi dresses are made from luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, or lace. They often feature embellishments such as beads, rhinestones, or sequins.  

A midi dress will conceal or at least distract from problem areas and create symmetry between your torso, hips, and waistline. It is the easiest way to achieve a balanced look because the midi design plays to your figure’s strengths.

April 27, 2020 5 Must-Have Dresses in Your Closet

3. Sequin Dress

Sequin dresses dazzle and impress. What’s more, they are suitable for an almost endless variety of semi-formal and formal events, including proms, award ceremonies, galas, graduation parties, and receptions. The glittery style attracts attention like a magnet. Our designers have sequin dresses in all kinds of styles, designs, materials, and colors.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to overdo the effect of a dazzling sequin dress. To avoid an all too common trap, pair yours with neutral shoes and accessories, especially if you’re going to a highly formal function.

4. Column Dress

Column dresses are unbeatable for official functions. This refined, regal, and classic style is the final stage in a fashionista’s quest for the ideal look. It can be customized to individual body types and personalities, but there’s often no need for that because it is universally flattering. You can shine in one on the red carpet or wear it as a mother of the bride or groom at the wedding. It will make you the center of attention at a black-tie dinner.

Older women in particular appreciate the comfort of column dresses, called this way because of their shape that flatters and elongates the silhouette. They are a natural choice for mature ladies who know what they like and are confident in their style. The clean lines enhance and bring out a woman’s best physical features. Column gowns combine elegance and grace in a universally and eternally appealing look.   

5. Off the Shoulder Dress

There’s nothing like an off the shoulder dress to make you feel trendy and youthful. In summer, it will keep you cool. Few sensations are more pleasant than the breeze on your bare shoulders as you bask in the spotlight at a cocktail party or homecoming. These dresses are universally appealing because shoulders are one the most beautiful parts of the human body.  

Off the shoulder dresses and gowns have experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Of course, a white ball gown remains the classic choice, but you can combine two staples by opting for an off the shoulder LBD or LWD.  

An off the shoulder dress is perfect if you’ve been invited to a wedding. Depending on the length and embellishments, the style will work for different degrees of formality, from semi-formal business dinners to white-tie events. 

To draw attention to a slim waist, choose an off the shoulder dress with an A-line or fit-and-flare skirt reaching down to the floor. The most extravagant pieces feature attention-grabbing mermaid trains.

Final Tips

Comfort is always important, but never more so than at a formal function. If you’re shopping for a formal gown, look for a structured bodice and silhouette for a snug fit.

When you choose a dress by one of the designers New York Dress carries, you are compromising neither on comfort nor on quality. We have an impressive selection of gowns and dresses in one single place, one of which is destined to become a staple in your closet.

Written by Jonah Levine

April 27, 2020 5 Must-Have Dresses in Your Closet

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