April 28, 2022 Brides, What Should You Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

April 28, 2022

Brides, What Should You Wear Under Your Dress?

Undergarments are an important foundation piece for any wedding dress. This is an important but oft-forgotten detail. While most brides put in a lot of work and attention to finding the right wedding gown, they forget to invest just as much time in finding the right underwear. This, unfortunately, can result in dress malfunctions, with lumpy undergarments and visible straps. 

So, what should a bride wear under their wedding dress

That depends on the cut and fit of the dress. It also depends on the bride’s bust size and personal preference. In this post, we’ll highlight the different types of undergarments to suit any style of wedding dress. Specifically, we’ll talk about: adhesive cups, seamless bras, strapless bras, shapewear, U-plunge bras, low-cut bras, and strapless corsets.

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Undergarments for Backless Dresses

A backless wedding dress leaves you very little choice when it comes to finding the right bra. Full coverage bras are out of the question, and although some brides can pull off a braless look, we do not advise this. 

Our recommendation? Adhesive cups. 

Adhesive Cups

Adhesive bras stick to the breasts to provide full coverage. The best quality adhesive bras also provide support and lift yet remain comfortable. Sticky bras (as they are also called) aren’t only suitable for backless dresses but will also pair well with strapless designs and low necklines. 

Consider these tips when choosing adhesive cups: 

  • The lighter the material, the better. Light and thin material will remain invisible under your dress and is also soft and comfortable on the skin. 
  • Think of adhesive quality as this will ensure you can use your bra on other occasions 
  • Pay attention to the cup size, as going with an undersize cup will result in the cups not fitting properly 
  • If your breasts are on the larger side, opt for a brand that makes plus-sized cups that provide support, have staying power, and round out your breasts for a shapely and sexy appearance. 
  • Cleavage adjustment and an adhesive band that goes all around the cups are also important features to look for if your girls are a bit on the larger size. 

Have Cups Sewn into the Dress

Having cups sewn into your wedding dress is another way to wear your backless or illusion-back wedding dress. If you are going with this option, more attention should be paid to ensuring ample chest support for larger bust sizes as not only are sewn-in cups tricky but so is pulling off a backless gown. If you have smaller breasts, you want your backless dress in a tight fit so that it doesn’t shift around. 

Smooth fabrics may not do very well with sewn-in bras. Dresses with boning tend to work better overall with sewn-in cups as the boning, combined with the sewn-in cups, work as a sort of corset. 

Undergarments for Form-Fitting Dresses

Seamless Underwear

If your wedding dress is form-fitting, go for seamless underwear as it will lie flat under your clothes. Nude-colored underwear is always recommended, but lace could also work as long as it’s smooth, seamless, and flat. 


A form-fitting dress can be unforgiving. But with the right shapewear, you can accentuate your figure and look flawless all day. 

But the wrong shapewear can also be just as bad. You want shapewear that fits properly so that it doesn’t roll down or scrunch under your clothes, doesn’t cut you off in the wrong places -because that would be quite awkward, and that allows you to breathe and move comfortably. 

You have a wide range of shapewear styles to choose from: from high-waisted thongs to full slip or biker shapewear. It all depends on factors such as the length of your dress, the cut on the back, and whether or not your wedding dress has a slit. 

Undergarments for Strapless Dresses

Strapless Bra

A lot of things will be happening on your wedding day – besides the nuptials, you will be dancing and mingling with guests. The last thing you want is to worry about your strapless bra sliding down. 

Besides finding the right cup size and band size, you want to go for a strapless bra with a supportive structure such as side boning and a silicone band. These two things will keep your bra in place and give your breasts ample support.  

Strapless Corset

Corsets add romance, class, and glamor to your look by cinching your waist and giving you smoother curves. But you want your corset to be discreet, and a strapless one fits the bill. Corsets made of satin material are the best to wear under a dress as they’ll remain discreet. 

The trick with corsets is to order one a few weeks ahead of your wedding day to give you enough time to break it in. You want to get used to how it feels, fits, and looks under your clothes

An important note: when corset shopping make sure to check the torso length of your corset. If it’s too long, you won’t be able to sit in it. If it’s too short, it will cinch you in the wrong place.

Undergarments for Plunging Necklines

U-Plunge/ Low Cut Bra

Plunging necklines are daring and sexy, but they can backfire when worn with the wrong undergarments. U-plunge bras have a cutout at the front to accommodate plunging dress necklines. 

We absolutely love how U-plunge and low-cut bras come with interesting features that make them more versatile, such as a seamless front to keep them more invisible under clothing or removable straps that make them more customizable. 

Tips to Remember

Color of Your Undergarments

If your wedding dress is white, opt for neutral colors. Light-colored underwear is likely to show through darker hues, so go with black underwear if your wedding dress is in a dark color. 

Watch Out for Seams

Panty lines and chunky seams on bras will ruin your look. Stay safe and go for seamless underwear. 

Wear Something Comfortable

Comfort is all about fit. For best fit and comfort, use a sizing guide while buying your undergarments. 


Finding the right underwear for your wedding day is just as important as finding the right wedding dress. We cannot emphasize this enough. As most wedding dresses come in unique and revealing designs, your regular, everyday strappy bra just won’t cut it with the majority of these designs. But as we’ve highlighted in this article, there is a bra out there for every wedding dress design. 

From adhesive cups, seamless bras, strapless bras, shapewear, U-plunge bras, low-cut bras, and strapless corsets, we dare say there is something for you in there. Why don’t you browse through our selection and find out?

Written by Jonah Levine

April 28, 2022 Brides, What Should You Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

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