Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

Cargo shorts can be an amazing bottom for hiking, but hiking shorts can also be a good all around bottom. Learn more about these two here.

Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

I must admit that I love seeing men wear cargo shorts(not the overly baggy ones). However, what I failed to understand was that they can be cumbersome, particularly when hiking. So, when my hubby started steering away from them toward hiking shorts (and I saw how he rocked them), I began to understand that not one style fits all occasions or every individual.

I’ve compiled this article to give you an in-depth look at both types of shorts so you can choose the right ones for each event.

What are Cargo” alt=”Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts”>Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

It’s a variation of cargo pants, but in shorts form. Cargo shorts typically have legs that reach just below the knee.

Since they are loose-fitting and suitable for carrying extra items on daily footpaths or while cycling, both cargo shorts and pants have also become popular as urban casual wear. They did lose their charm for a short while but have again continued to reign supreme.

What are Hiking” alt=”Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts”>Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

All the pockets and materials in these shorts are designed for functionality: two front pockets for storing hands, two rear pockets for holding small items, a zipped pocket on the thigh, and a small pocket for storing coins and other small items. Chafing can also be prevented by using abrasion-resistant materials.

Despite having a lot of pockets, they aren’t big and can still hold a variety of supplies for your hike, making them perfect for it.

Cargo shorts vs hiking shorts

Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts


Cargo clothing because it’s more comfortable and allows you to move around more freely.


Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts



Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

Cargo” alt=”Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts”>Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts


Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

Those made of nylon are the most durable. Nylon is more abrasion-resistant even though it is a little less breathable than the polyester version. The nylon hiking shorts also absorb very little moisture and therefore dry very fast.

Cost differences

The more durable cargo shorts or hiking shorts are, the more you’ll pay for them. After all, quality and price go hand in hand. You can pay as little as 17 dollars for a cargo short to as much as $120 for a pair. However, the average price for a cargo short is $35.

For hiking shorts, you can purchase them for as little as $15 to as much as $130. The average cost for hiking shorts is $50.

The more features that either short has, the material and breathability, help to determine the cost. 

Benefits of each

Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

Cargo fashionable in men’s fashion in the late 1990s. Then in 2012, even while cargo shorts’ pockets were unquestionably handy for transporting work-related items and other common tools, people viewed them as more utilitarian than attractive in their design. It’s light and breezy.


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In addition, most hiking shorts are made to wick away moisture and dry quickly. Many hiking shorts offer UV protection for the upper portion of your legs. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) measures how much of the sun’s rays are absorbed by a piece of clothing before it becomes damaged.

Brief History of Cargo Pants

fashion staple and have never been away from the limelight since.

As time went on, the style transformed to keep up with the latest fashion trends. There are now a plethora of short designs to choose from, and they’ve proven to be a popular choice for warm-weather wear.

Brief History of Hiking Shorts

Hikers along the Appalachian Trail and other popular hiking paths have been changing clothing styles for many years. It was within the last decade (the 2010s)that hikers started the transition from cargo pants and shorts to hiking shorts. Hiking shorts are most popular on the shorter and less risky trails, but they have become the more sought-after option. 

The Bottom Line

Cargo Shirts are great for many occasions. However, when hiking, it’s best to select shorts made specifically for that to prevent chafing, reduce sweating and allow for a comfy trip. Additionally, hiking shorts do look more classy depending on the style you choose. Therefore, I’d go in hiking shorts.

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Cargo Shorts vs. Hiking Shorts

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