December 11, 2018 Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

December 11, 2018

Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Winter has reared its head and the time has come for those spectacular cold-weather dresses. You may have a wedding to attend and feel stuck with the same LBD you sport for every fancy occasion. You can ditch that little black dress and opt for something with rich color that will keep you comfortable, warm, and stylish for any type of winter wedding you plan to attend.

Cozy Up For The Season

When you think about winter weddings, a few things may come to mind. One of the most important aspects to consider is the weather. Winter brings chilly temperatures, but it doesn’t mean that you have to bundle up beyond recognition.

Keeping warm during a winter wedding is a top priority as is being comfortable. You are no doubt going to shimmy on the dance floor all night, and you don’t want a dress that is constricting. The guest wedding dress styles of winter have everything you are looking for if you choose right.

December 11, 2018 Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Usher In The Color

A winter wedding brings plenty of options for guests to put on a dress that has a bold and festive look to it. You want to look the part, and dressing in a strapless dress just won’t do this time of the year. Think flowy sleeves that allow you to show off your silhouette without being antiquated or unstylish.

You’ll also want to gravitate towards dresses with a rich color palette such as jewel tones in the deep green, red, burgundy or purple tone. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle with accessories or in the details of your dress. Winter is the perfect time to amp up your look and shine with metallic that provides that finishing touch.

Keep It Casual

Depending on the wedding you will be attending, you may be able to get away with a more casual look. These wedding guest dresses can fit a simpler style with adornments that provide that pop of drama. Try dresses in trending florals or smart styles that provide you movement without feeling stuffy.

Shorter dresses that hit the knee are a smart casual guest wedding dress choice as they provide that fashion-forward look that doesn’t appear like you are trying too hard. You’ll find an array of flirty dresses this winter season that has an on-trend style to them without looking overdressed for the type of wedding you are attending.

December 11, 2018 Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Step Into Semi-Formal

Semi-formal guest wedding dresses are the quintessential style of the season. These dresses allow for a playful attitude that screams fun. You can mix it up with color and black detailing that give you that fun party look, without being too over the top. Look for dresses that come in velvet, floral or even have ruffles. You’ll be able to sashay across the dance floor and fit the mood of a semi-formal wedding with ease.

You can even move into a jumpsuit for a more casual event when paired with the right accessories. Try a metallic belt to give your body some definition and pair it with matching metal-toned bracelets for a look that is casual yet runway in its overall appearance.

Go All Out With Formal Wear

A black-tie affair deserves a high-end dress that gives you a formal look. Velvet is a standout when it comes to a formal wedding. Wedding guest dresses in opulent color tones can provide that sophisticated style that sparkles.

You’ll also do well with a long dress that accents all the right parts. Amp it up with beading details that can push you into a more formal look effortlessly. You can get away with capped sleeves at a winter wedding for a more formal style. Add a fitted jacket or shawl for a more put-together look.

Be sure to keep your accessories simple and sparkly, especially when paired with a dress with a lot of accents. You don’t want to overwhelm your look, and these simple touches will give you a luxurious style that fits the formal wedding you are attending.

Find The Perfect Guest Wedding Dresses From New York Dress

Guest wedding dresses don’t have to have to put you in the background. You too can stand out for your style at a wedding by choosing the right dress that fits the winter season. Consider the weather, venue, and plans for the day when selecting your ideal guest wedding dress.

New York Dress offers a full array of guest wedding dresses that will suit every type of wedding. You’ll find all the latest styles from the high-end designers you love. Jump into winter with a guest wedding dress from New York Dress. Browse our extensive collection to find the one that is right for you.

Written by Jonah Levine

December 11, 2018 Wedding Guest Dresses for a Winter Wedding

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