From Viral Low-Rise Skirts to Jean Shoes, These 7 Runway Trends Are It For Fall

The fall 2022 season found designers in the four major fashion capitals reflecting on the state of the world. The result? A new set of trends — from reimagined sportswear to reworked denim — to welcome a future where we resume our pre-pandemic lives, hopefully with wisdom gained from the past couple of years.

With Miu Miu’s viral low-rise miniskirts, the love affair with Y2K fashion continues. Diesel’s denim-clad models and Loewe’s jean shoes signal a new era for the timeless textile.

Elements inspired by motorcycle racing were introduced; blazers were tailored to project a sense of gravitas; and lingerie-style pieces like sheer bras and corsets were designed to be seen. And for those of us who feel the return to normalcy is too abrupt, there’s no shortage of blanket silhouettes that don’t sacrifice style or comfort.

Each trend marks a fresh start after an extended time of uncertainty. While some edge toward the avant-garde side (see Gucci’s sporty corset and Yohji Yamamoto’s deconstructed denim shirt), the majority of them are surprisingly wearable.

Ahead, get inspired by new sporty silhouettes; cool denim pieces; cozy knit ensembles; bold low-rise skirts; sultry lingerie looks; edgy moto separates; and sharp blazers. Read on for the top seven runway trends of the fall season.

    • Reimagined Sportswear
    • Reworked Denim
    • Blanket Silhouettes
    • Micro

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From Viral Low-Rise Skirts to Jean Shoes, These 7 Runway Trends Are It For Fall

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