June 18, 2019 What to Wear to a Polo Match

June 18, 2019

What to Wear to a Polo Match

A polo match is all about looking classy and elegant while enjoying a dynamic game that goes back millennia. This exciting team game, which is played on horseback, is believed to date back to the ancient Persian Empire! The objective is for a team to score as many points as possible. The four-member teams try to move the ball into their opponents’ half of the terrain and to hit it through the goal. The teams are made up of attackers and defenders, but the lines between these blur as the players are usually expected to change position as needed and make defensive or offensive plays depending on the situation. 

General Considerations

The game can be complicated, and dressing for it – even more so, especially considering the temperature, the terrain, and the dress code, which is not fixed. You should always dress according to the weather because polo is an outdoor sport. Moreover, always expect the weather to change, especially in the UK. The dress code is best described as “casual smart” or “casual chic”, so one needs to be very careful not to under- or overdress. However, there are exceptions to this rule. An elegant cocktail-type dress or jumpsuit wouldn’t be out of place, as you’ll find out shortly.  

Your choice of location is important. You can either go for the more exclusive members’ enclosure or the grandstand. Usually, polo is played after lunch, so your location during this meal is a key consideration. Will you be eating at a restaurant? What kind of restaurant? If not, will you be having a picnic on the grass?

If the weather is hot, a hat is acceptable. That aside, people generally don’t wear hats to polo matches, in particular, wide-brimmed ones. Don’t let Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman throw you off.

June 18, 2019 What to Wear to a Polo Match

The Dress

We’ve seen everything from flowy florals to jumpsuits and full skirt suits at polo matches. The level of formality depends on your company and peers. Dresses are a great choice for ladies attending a polo match, ranging from jersey and shift to cocktail and maxi dresses. Women have opted for different kinds of patterns, colors, and silhouettes in the past.

Sundresses are ideal in warmer weather, but if you want to be as classy and elegant as the royals enjoying the match, you couldn’t go wrong with a printed, ruffled, long silk chiffon dress or a twisted-front silk-satin one. These are among the highlights of New York Dress’ summer collections. Opt for cotton or linen in cooler weather.

A flowing floral print would be a great idea. For a more sophisticated look, try a draped crepe georgette-trimmed jumpsuit by Halston Heritage or a jumpsuit with broad V-cut neck and back by Saboroma. New York Dress carries both of these designers’ pieces.

June 18, 2019 What to Wear to a Polo Match

Wearing a Jumpsuit to a Polo Match

Jumpsuits are a ravishing choice. You’ll steal the spotlight in a figure-hugging bodice augmented by a plunging V-neck supported by off-shoulder accents and tapered straps that lead to a V-cut back. The look is completed by high-waist, full-length, straight leg pants. Beautiful and comfortable!

If you’re a dress-type person, like many of us, you could try a knee-length dress with a pleated skirt. This cute look isn’t out of place at any sporting event. New York Dress offers many such designs by fashion houses the ranks of Mac Duggal. One great option would be a cocktail dress with a modest V-neckline, which the deep V-cut back more than makes up for. The fitted sleeveless bodice is flattering to all body types. A voluminous pleated skirt completes the lively dress’s design. To create a youthful, athletic look, pair this dress with moderately high heels and as few accessories as possible.

We mentioned Julia Roberts earlier – the hat may have been a no-no, but that did not apply to the polka dot dress. Ideally, go for a maxi, A-line, full or shift dress if you choose a polka dot pattern.

If you aren’t sure about the length, go for a high-low dress. Halston Heritage’s high-low designs come in breathtaking tones. If you have long legs, a polo match is a great time to show them.

Stretch fabrics have become a norm at polo matches and other sporting events, which isn’t surprising as almost every woman is looking for a flexible fit. Innovative fabrics and modern silhouettes are part of an iconic shift. Some brands are offering dresses made of materials that help block UV rays. Classic details and handmade beadwork will embellish a casual chic outfit. To protect yourself from showers, bring a lightweight jacket. 

Polo Match: Don’ts  

You want to feel comfortable, so don’t wear anything that’s too tight or too short. Short, floaty dresses may be perfect in summer, but a polo match is an outdoor event, and it could get windy. You don’t want to have to hold the dress down all day. Ideally, wear flats or wedges to be able to move around the terrain more easily. Short, stable shoes are always a good idea. If you must wear heels, don’t go for anything higher than moderate. Stay away from stilettos because they’ll keep sinking in the turf.

If you choose a simple, single- or two-tone dress, feel free to accessorize with a brightly colored handbag and jewelry. Conversely, tone the accessories down if the dress is already quite detailed and bold.

Make No Sacrifices

As you can see, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa at your next polo match. Be friendly and don’t take the event too seriously. Style and fashion can speak volumes at a polo match and you will make your youthful, elegant look seem effortless. New York Dress is a top online marketplace for elegant wear with a casual feel. We have some of the biggest collections of knee-length cocktail dresses, sundresses, jumpsuits, dainty florals, and attention-grabbing patterned dresses online. Look no further than New York Dress for the stunning polo match look you deserve – your attire of choice will be delivered right to your front door.  

Written by Jonah Levine

June 18, 2019 What to Wear to a Polo Match

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