May 31, 2022 Can The Mother Of The Bride Wear A Patterned Dress?

May 31, 2022

Can The Mother Of The Bride Wear A Patterned Dress?

As the mother of the bride, your unique personal sense of style will most likely be reflected in the dress you wear to your daughter’s wedding. You won’t want to copy another woman’s design but rather find a dress that reflects you. 

Perhaps you prefer patterns over a monochromatic look. But as you already know, brides can be quite particular, and your sense of style may not be particularly to the bride’s liking. So, while it’s acceptable for the bride’s mother to wear a patterned dress, it’s all about walking a very fine line.

Below we list some helpful tips that will help guide you through selecting an individualized patterned dress that will please you and the bride.” style=”float: none;” alt=”May 31, 2022 Can The Mother Of The Bride Wear A Patterned Dress?”>

Ask The Bride About What Look She Wants The MOB To Wear

Your daughter is in charge of the wedding. You should therefore consult with her before planning your wardrobe for the wedding. Many brides have a specific look they want to achieve with their dress, and it is important to choose a MOB look that matches.

If, for instance, the bride wants to feel like a princess during her wedding, she might want you to wear a gown befitting a queen. A normal, patterned dress wouldn’t do in such a case because it will not complement the event.

The bride might be hesitant to go for patterned dresses as they might break the theme. On the other hand, the girl of the moment might be liberal-minded enough to allow patterns just for you (you are her mum, after all) but with conditions. She might want you to incorporate a detail in your dress to tie your look to the overall wedding theme.

If your bride has any apprehension about the MOB wearing a non-traditional dress, explain to her why you’d prefer patterns. Ask her if she would accompany you on a shopping trip to check out different options before she gives an absolute ‘no’ to your wearing patterns.

Dress Appropriately For The Venue and Season

The venue and season will dictate what kind of dress works best for the mother of the bride. For example, a striking floral pattern is best suited for springtime. A strapless dress would also be appropriate for a spring wedding, especially a beach wedding.

If the wedding is in winter, consider how your dress will blend with any other pieces in your attire. If you don’t have warm clothing in your wardrobe that will layer well with your patterned dress, you might do a lot more shopping than your budget allows.

Are Patterned Yes, print dresses are acceptable! But they should: 

Match The Color Scheme

Before purchasing a MOB dress, you should first consider the color scheme of the wedding. While some brides like to have a lot of color on their wedding day, others want to keep it more subdued. You should choose a dress that sticks to the color scheme in either case.  

If the color scheme is subdued or monochromatic, you might have a harder time deciding what color to select. However, if the bride is whimsical and wants to incorporate cheery colors at her wedding, you will have a wider color palette and style choices to work with.

Differentiate From The Bridesmaids

The last thing you want at your daughter’s wedding is for guests to think you are a bridesmaid, or worse, the one bridesmaid who rebelled by wearing a different print from the rest.

It is quite acceptable for the mother of the bride to stand out among the rest. So when shopping for a patterned dress, don’t be afraid to choose a cut or style that will make your position at the wedding instantly recognizable. Be sure, though, to stick to the wedding theme.

Be Subtle. You Don’t Want To Take Attention Away From The Bride.

It’s okay to break conventions with a style that shows who you are. But it’s not okay to take it too far and overshadow the bride. You might be the bride’s mother, but remember, this day is not about you. It’s about your daughter. Be subtle about your outfit.

Additional Tips To Help You Find The Right MOB Dress

Many brides are concerned about breaking convention with a patterned dress. Therefore, you should be prepared for your daughter to say ‘No’ to a patterned MOB dress. But patterned dresses aren’t a definite no-no at weddings. With careful planning, the mother of the bride can wear a patterned dress that is flattering, comfortable, and chic.

Consider these final tips when finding the right patterned MOB dress:  

Find a shoe to match

If you don’t own a pair of shoes that will match the patterns on your dress, shop for a new pair.

Go for comfort

Your dress should not be too tight but should be comfortable to move around in. It should also be made of breathable material to keep you cool all day.

Go for age-appropriate patterns.

Some styles, colors, and patterns don’t look very good on mature women. Pink, for instance, is best worn by younger girls. Avoid patterns incorporating animals, plants, letters, numbers, or cartoon characters.

Get a dress that flatters your figure.

If you are a little curvier than the average woman, you should be looking for dresses with a longer length and some volume to avoid looking frumpy.

It’s not all about the dress; it’s about enjoying the day.

Your goal at your daughter’s wedding is not to stand out; it’s all about having fun and making memories while celebrating with loved ones! The day will still go well even if you choose a traditional outfit that will complement your overall look while staying within your daughter’s desires.

Finally, Shop wisely. 

Before you start browsing the many options available to you, think about the amount of money you have to spend. You don’t want to spend all your hard-earned cash on a dress that doesn’t flatter your figure or that you can’t wear to other events. Consider your budget and buy a timeless piece that will look beautiful and stylish months from now.

Written by Jonah Levine

May 31, 2022 Can The Mother Of The Bride Wear A Patterned Dress?

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