October 09, 2018 The Fabulous Fall Designer Dress Picks for 2018

October 09, 2018

The Fabulous Fall Designer Dress Picks for 2018

The nights are drawing in, school is back in session, and the summer holidays seem like a distant memory. Fall is here, and with it come some of the year’s formal party season highlights, including homecoming, Thanksgiving, galas, and the runup to the holiday period.

Now’s the time to start thinking about what to wear for your formal events this autumn. We’ve kept our finger on the pulse of the major fashion trends for the season. As always, some colors, silhouettes and fabrics have stood out as a recurring theme among the world’s premier fashion houses. If you want to stay fashion forward with your formal wear this fall, you can pick any one theme and run with it as you put your look together for whatever dress-up event the season has in store.

October 09, 2018 The Fabulous Fall Designer Dress Picks for 2018

The ‘80s Are Back

If you’re of the generation that lived through the 1980s, you’ll remember it as the decade where glamor was epitomized by dramatic silhouettes, big shoulder pads and glittering fabrics. Whether it was puffed sleeves, sequins or animal prints, everything about ‘80s fashion was over the top. Many of these trends are back, and a new generation of fashionistas has the opportunity to experience the glitz we all loved to watch on Dynasty. More mature women can relive their glory days as we welcome this blast from the past.

This black evening gown from MNM Couture revisits the dramatic silhouette we loved in the ‘80s, with a huge, puffed asymmetric sleeve tapering off to hug the lower arms. Andrea and Leo feature this evening gown, also with puffed upper sleeves balanced with narrow tapering to the wrists. Animal prints are another way to rock the ‘80s vibe, as with this leopard print evening gown from Jasz Couture.

Colors Go Bold

Fashion trend watchers predicted that bold colors would be a major theme this fall. If you’re a fan of the brighter ranges of the chromatic scale, you’re in luck this season as Vogue Magazine and Pantone have identified colors such as red, ultraviolet purple, curry yellow and russet orange as being on trend.

Mirroring the rich hues found in nature this harvest season, there are a number of beautiful colors in the fall palette.

Check out this red evening gown by Clarisse for inspiration. This striking green gown from Edward Arsouni Couture fits in with Pantone’s Quetzal Green shade, a color singled out as one of this season’s on trend greens. A bold yellow named by Vogue as curry yellow and Pantone as Ceylon yellow is also a color to watch. Edward Arsouni has a sheath dress that fits this trend and brings to mind the color of autumn leaves.

October 09, 2018 The Fabulous Fall Designer Dress Picks for 2018

Modest Attire is In

As the days grow colder, it’s convenient that more modest apparel is one of the trends that are  standing out for this fall. High necklines, low hems and long sleeves are very much in, making it trendy as well as practical to cover up. A huge range of formal wear pieces interpret this style inspiration with elegance and grace, such as this gown and jacket combo from Daymor, this full-skirted evening gown from Portia and Scarlett, or Edward Arsouni’s  elegant A-line dress that’s fit for a princess. Demure ladies have good reason to celebrate this particular fashion trend.

Metallic and Shiny Fabrics

Bling is in this season, so it’s time to go to town with sequins and applique. This short cocktail dress from Sherri Hall rivals the disco ball itself for dazzling glitz, while Rachel Allan goes head to toe with sequins with this slinky evening gown and Jovani bedazzles this black evening outfit. Nobody ever needs an excuse to wear sequins and shiny beadwork, but this fall means you can indulge your love for shimmering gowns like never before.

Bold Striped Fabrics

Stripes are one of the major fabric trends for this season. This evening gown from Nina Canacci makes use of black and white to create a high contrast striped gown to very dramatic effect.

Find Your Perfect Fall Gowns at NewYorkDress

As you figure out your wardrobe for the coming formal season, this fall’s fashion trends give you the opportunity to play with many fun elements, from 1980s style to bold colors and glittering fabrics. There’s a huge canvas to experiment with, and New York Dress provides you with a massive selection of high end designer formal gowns to choose from.

Check out our collection of evening and cocktail wear, using our web site’s smart filters to narrow down your options and zero in on the perfect outfit for you.

Written by Jonah Levine

October 09, 2018 The Fabulous Fall Designer Dress Picks for 2018

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