The Patch Trend And How To Style It

Embroidering patches on to your clothes is a way to create unique wardrobe pieces, for a look that truly sets you apart from the crowd. You probably remember this trend from the 90s and it’s a fun and fashionable way to get nostalgic and relive your childhood. Patches are a quirky addition to any outfit which enable you to express your personality via your clothing. But it’s also important not to go over the top with this trend – keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid clashes.

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Why Buy It When You Can DIY It

There’s a whole range of clothing with attached patches in store now, but why not personalize your existing clothes with patches you’ve picked out yourself? It’s so easy to DIY with iron-on patches available, and you won’t ever have that awkward situation of wearing the same clothes as someone else.

  • Add a couple of statement patches strategically placed, or go all out for maximum impact.
  • There are so many different possibilities you could choose, from words and slogans, symbols, childhood cartoon characters or your favorite band. You could mix and match, or pick a theme and stick to it.
  • Keen traveler? Pick out patches from all the places you’ve been to, and whatever exotic destinations are next on your list. The only limit is your own creativity.
  • For a grown-up take on the trend, add a couple of floral themed patches for a more subtle look.

What To Wear With The Patch Trend

Here are some suggestions of how to create a killer outfit with your patched clothing.

  • A jacket with patches is an easy way to start integrating this trend into your everyday look. Customized denim will always look good, so try a denim jacket with a few patches on the sleeves and pockets.
  • Throw your jacket over an outfit in neutral shades like grey or cream. Avoid wearing other patterns which may clash or draw the eye away from your statement jacket.
  • Wear your customized jacket with ripped skinny jeans, and add a pair of biker boots for a look with attitude.
  • Try a bomber jacket with embroidered patches for a sportier outfit – instead of the classic black you could go for a green or khaki one for a fun and youthful look.
  • You could also try adding patches to denim shorts or jeans. A leather jacket adds an edge to this outfit.
  • Alternatively, contrast your patchworked jeans with a smart staple like a button-down shirt or black ankle boots.

With endless combinations possible, this trend is one we can’t wait to have fun with. Let us know how you will be wearing the patch trend this season!

Featured image: Angelica Blick has added a whole new dimension to these denim jeans by covering them artistically in funky and alternative patches. We love the decorative feel of this aesthetic!

Jeans/Shoes/Jacket: Zara, T-Shirt: H&M, Bag: Stylebop.


  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Patches are the perfect way to add your own personal twist to a look or an item. Leonie Sophie has sewed patches onto this military style shirt jacket from Zara to give it an edgy and authentic feel.

    Blouse: Uterque, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: 501, Bag: Dionysus.

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Sew patches onto your military style jacket to get this classic edgy look rocked by Jill Wallace. This look is perfect with simple jeans and a pair of heeled boots, but can also be worn with sneakers for a totally casual style.

    Jeans: Revolve.

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Mary Seng has personalised this khaki military jacket with multiple patches, using them to express a more original style. Wear a piece like this with a plain tee and jeans to keep attention where it should be.

    Shirt/Bag/Boots: Zadig & Voltaire, Jeans: Mother.

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Elsa Ekman is spot on the patch-trend in this unique outfit. She adds a personal touch to this denim jacket by using patches, making for an alternative and cool look.

    Jacket: Levi’s, Top/Skirt: Cheap Monday

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Isabella Thordsen opts for a patched jacket to break up any monotony of her predominantly black outfit. The patches give a distinctive edge to her look.

    Brands not specified.

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    The patch trend is the perfect way to bring some fun into your wardrobe! Jessica Wang demonstrates that patches add a pop of colour to any look, helping to rejuvenate any old clothes you might have lying around!

    Flatforms: Teva, Top/Shorts: Brands not specified

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Silvia Garcia adds a playful dimension to her look through using patches. The patches exude a sense of vibrancy, making for a contemporary look.

    Jacket/Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Sandro

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Make a bold statement, like that of Valerie Husemann, and use patches to brighten up your look! We love the vibrant use of the red colour.

    Jeans: Edited, Jacket/Shoes: Mango

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    Serena Goh looks incredible in this monochrome look. The patches on the black bomber add a unique pop of colour, creating an edgy, yet chic element to the piece.

    Jacket: Cukui, Trousers/Bag: Reed Krakoff

  • The Patch Trend And How To Style It

    María looks comfortable yet collected in this grey jumpsuit. The outfit is given a cool dimension through the patched jacket and sneakers, making the look more alternative.

    Brands not specified.



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The Patch Trend And How To Style It

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